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Monday August 26, 7:00 pm.

Jeremiah Zuo Lecture

Members Free, Guests $20.00

Jeremiah Zuo has put together a brand new lecture filled with twists, turns, time travel, wizards, witches, and all the secrets of the illuminati.

And all you will need is a deck of cards to follow along.

You'll learn some fun moves and tricks to practice, and lots of ways to incorporate the card box more into your magic.  What could have just been a carrying case is now a bona fide magic prop.


Card Under Box - A classic of card magic.  Jeremiah offers one important touch up and one new move that make this one of the easiest card under box routines you could learn.  You don't have to have the misdirection mastery of Doc Eason to do this one.

Those Are the Aces - The aces find your card and then your card finds the aces!  This one looks almost like a special effect.

Queens Across - Four cards vanish one at a time from your hands only to reappear inside the box.

One-to-Go Box Please! - The world's most surprising card sandwich!

Scary Movie Card Trick - A fun story trick with a twist ending!  

Hollingworth for Mortals - A torn and restored card routine fit to be finale, yet easy on the fingers!

Plus Jeremiah will teach three innovative moves with the card box, some fun tricks to apply them, and may even do an encore of coin material for anyone who missed his last lecture!

Come grab a seat as Jeremiah walks you through his own blend of entertaining magic. 

...Come on out to see the lecture on Monday August 7:00 PM for Conjuror’s Corner Magic Club at Mr. Beef and Pizza 1796 S Elmhurst Rd., Mt. Prospect, IL

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