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September 22, 7pm: David Campos Lecture

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DAVID CAMPOS LECTURE!...THIS MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd, Conjuror's Corner Magic Club. 7 p.m.

If you've seen David perform, you'll definitely want to see him teach. David does effects with cards and coins. Some tricks are pure eye candy, and others border on self-working. All of it is a joy to watch. 

Don't miss this opportunity to see the SLEIGHT OF HAND ARTISTRY of two time magic contest winner David Campos

David's Bio:

I’ve been performing magic for 15 years. The first several years in the world of Magic, I became obsessive to learn all about magic in the attempt execute every possible move, especially those hard to accomplish. Yet, when I discovered the truth in performing for a real “lay” audience, instead of my “magic” friends, I discovered the beauty of what simple sleight of hand and a great presentation can achieve. The following are the effects that I perform on a regular basis. Some are impromptu in nature, others require a setup. 

• Splits-Ville

o Fun way to “split” cards into 4 Aces

• Collected 

o My simple way to perform a Collectors effect

• Black vs. Red

o 2 selected cards shuffled in a deck by 2 different spectators find themselves among the a pile of the opposite color

• Card Under the Box

o The card under the box routine that among my #1 set to perform

• Questionable Ring

o A spectators ring finds itself in the unlikeliest of places

• Blanked

o A blank deck, with a strong imagination from the spectator, turns into a “normal” printed deck

• Pen vs. Coin Purse

o A pen and coin routine with a coin purse mixed in for fun, with a killer “shot” of an ending

• Coloring the Triumph

o A tribute to Derek Dingles Color Triumphant, this routine is done standing up with no table required

• Up, Down, In and Out

o My favorite ambitious routine

• Lining up the Aces

o Another 4 ace production

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Past lecturers have included the following:  Aaron Fisher, Aldo and Rachel Colombini, Arthur Trace, Bill Abbott, Bob Sheets, Bruce Bernstein, Chris Capehart, Dan Fleshman, Dan Harlan, Darwin Ortiz, Daryl (twice), David Calzada, David Merry, David Parr, David Regal, David Roth, David Solomon, David Stone, David Williamson, Don England, Doug Malloy, Eric Jones, Eugene Burger, Geoff Williams, Glenn Morphew, Jeremiah Zuo, Jim Krzak, Jim Sisti, John Lovick, Kainoa Harbottle, Keith Fields, Kozmo, Michael Ammar, Mike Hall, Nathan Kranzo, Oz Pearlman, Paul Gertner, Paul Green, Peter Eggink, Richard Sanders, Sean Bogunia, Steve Bryant, Steve Daly, Steve Draun, Tom Dobrowolski (thrice), Tomas Medina, Tony Noice, and Whit Haydn.

In addition, we have an annual magic contest which is recorded and broadcast on Comcast Cable's "It's Magic" television show.

2014 Contest Winners: 1st Place John Jurney; 2nd Place Bruce Young; 3rd Place Mark Doetsch

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