June 22, 2015 EXCLUSIVE!  MAX KRAUSE! 7 p.m.

To kick off our 2015-16 membership year, we have an exclusive lecture by Max Krause! 

Bring your $75 dues! 
Max may not be a household name, but he is well known among top tier magicians. This is a rare opportunity to see him for yourself. 

His web site has some performance videos and showcases a number of his original effects. 

Non-members $20, but it's much better to join for $75 and come to our other lectures. We have Jeff Prace in July and many more to follow. In 2014-15 we had NINE LECTURES! In 2013-14, we also had 9! Conjurors Corner is a  GREAT VALUE! 

Past lecturers have included the following:  Aaron Fisher, Aldo and Rachel Colombini, Arthur Trace, Bill Abbott, Bob Sheets, Bruce Bernstein, Chris Capehart, Dan Fleshman, Dan Harlan, Darwin Ortiz, Daryl (twice), David Calzada, David Campos, David Merry, David Parr, David Regal, David Roth, David Solomon, David Stone, David Williamson, Don England, Doug Malloy, Eric Jones, Eugene Burger, Geoff Williams, Glenn Morphew (twice), Jeremiah Zuo, Jim Krzak, Jim Sisti, John Lovick, Kainoa Harbottle, Keith Fields, Kozmo, Martin Mercy, Michael Ammar, Mike Hall, Mike Powers. Nathan Kranzo, Oz Pearlman, Paul Gertner, Paul Green, Peter Eggink, Richard Sanders, Sean Bogunia, Steve Bryant, Steve Daly, Steve Draun, Tom Dobrowolski (thrice), Tomas Medina (twice), Tony Noice, and Whit Haydn.

In addition, we have an annual magic contest which is recorded and broadcast on Comcast Cable's "It's Magic" television show.

2015 Contest Winners: 1st Place John Jurney; 2nd Place 
Mark Doetsch; 3rd Place Tim Adamz

For membership info, contact Mark Doetsch at 224-627-3381 or send an email to conjurorscorner@gmail.com

Coming up in July: