Tomas Monday, February 23, 7 p.m. 

TOMAS MEDINA LECTURE: Monday, February 23, 7 p.m.

Guests $20 • Club Members Free

Tomás Medina leads a double life: he’s a professional magician, and part-time handsome person.

Tomas has been performing his quirky, engaging brand of comedy magic since the age of thirteen. A regular at Chicago nightclubs, restaurants and corporate events, he’s sworn to use his powers exclusively for the goodness of humanity.
Occasionally he makes small buildings crumble, then combs the wreckage for office supplies.  He stands three feet tall and is made of solid gold. With the face of an angel and hands of a God, Tomás has traveled around the country performing a variety of mind blowing stunts with cigarettes, balloons, light bulbs, and even breath mints. 
Past credits include the opening for Nelly, Mya, The Brian Setzer Orchestra, The Faint,Velvet Revolver, Third Eye Blind, Mix Master Mike, the Ravonettes, and Joey’s eighth birthday (in  Hinsdale , Illinois ).
Tomas' past corporate clients include Home Depot, BMW,Cadillac, Chrysler, Columbia College Chicago, Lewis University, The Magic Castle Hollywood, Robert Morris College, Illinois Institute of Technology, American Lung Association, USA Cable Network, Miller Genuine Draft, KIA, Anti Defamation League, Dyson, Playboy Magazine, Answers Media, Fox Television, WGN Television, Camel Cigarettes, McDonalds, Butterball Turkey, Cold Stone Ice Cream, BP, Babies R Us, Boy Scouts Of America, Infinity Radio, People Soft, TGI-Fridays, Verizon Wireless,BlackBoard.com, Max and Ermas, Bennigans, Absolute Vodka, and Johnny Walker to name a few.
Tomás’ talents have been featured on 9 instructional DVDs aimed at professional magicians. Other credits include work at Las Vegas’ famous Palms Hotel and Casino, -Allstate Arena, BB King’s (New York ), and commercials for the USA Network.
Not bad for a kid with glasses!
World famous balloon swallow Learn the real work on this reputation-making stunt.  This trick alone is well worth the lecture admission price!
Tomas's rope routine ( a short/impressive 5 phase rope routine )
The Instant Deck  Make a deck of cards appear magically at your fingertips!( marketed item.. gizmo exposure and quick tutorial)
Gum Gag  An easy sight gag that surprisingly fools people into thinking you're creepy
The Cardiologist Deck The 2003 release is still popular today!  Tomas will teach you how to make a Cardiologist Deck and reveal some of his favorite/slick card moves!
Razor Blade and string Another reputation making opener.
Buns of Steel Soda Can  Hilarious sight gag.
The Exchange Tomas will show you how to make your own exchange, then teach you a variety of handlings( exposure of marketed gimmick ).
Torn and Restored napkin/ball under shotglass A well routined/multi-phase-mini restaurant act.
The condom trick Stupidly hilarious and guaranteed to bring the house down. 
1. flash condom production 2. bottle production
Bob Hummer Sugar Packet Trick This one will FRY MAGICIAN'S BRAINS.
Tic Tac Trick Another bizarrely awesome show-stopping reputation maker.  
Booger Restoration A perfect blend of magic and stupid.  As seen on VH1's Celebracadabra!
Coin on Hand A startling coin vanish/reappearance.
McDonald's Aces handling Tomas tackles numerous vanishes and handlings of this classic card plot. 

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Past lecturers have included the following:  Aaron Fisher, Aldo and Rachel Colombini, Arthur Trace, Bill Abbott, Bob Sheets, Bruce Bernstein, Chris Capehart, Dan Fleshman, Dan Harlan, Darwin Ortiz, Daryl (twice), David Calzada, David Campos, David Merry, David Parr, David Regal, David Roth, David Solomon, David Stone, David Williamson, Don England, Doug Malloy, Eric Jones, Eugene Burger, Geoff Williams, Glenn Morphew, Jeremiah Zuo, Jim Krzak, Jim Sisti, John Lovick, Kainoa Harbottle, Keith Fields, Kozmo, Martin Mercy, Michael Ammar, Mike Hall, Nathan Kranzo, Oz Pearlman, Paul Gertner, Paul Green, Peter Eggink, Richard Sanders, Sean Bogunia, Steve Bryant, Steve Daly, Steve Draun, Tom Dobrowolski (thrice), Tomas Medina, Tony Noice, and Whit Haydn.

In addition, we have an annual magic contest which is recorded and broadcast on Comcast Cable's "It's Magic" television show.

2014 Contest Winners: 1st Place John Jurney; 2nd Place Bruce Young; 3rd Place Mark Doetsch

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