August 22, Neil Tobin Lecture

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What becomes a magic legend most?
Making your performances more memorable

Neil Tobin knows more than just tricks. As an experienced performer, theatre producer and advertising professional, he has insights that could change your magic, including:
  • The link between memorability and money
  • Secrets successful performers in other disciplines already know
  • When you should (and shouldn't) do the classics
  • Which effects will help audiences remember you

Don't miss this opportunity to be legendary.
Monday, August 22 at 7pm

Neil Tobin produced, wrote and starred in Supernatural Chicago, which ran weekly for 10 years at Excalibur nightclub and helped revitalize the city's magic performance scene. In the past year, he mounted the world-premiere run of Palace of the Occult, an original two-act play with mentalism co-produced by Eclectic Full Contact Theatre; performed Peter and the Werewolf, his original narration for a Prokofiev classic, with Orchestra Miami; and was part of the creative team that received the Jeff Award for Best Musical (Midsize) for The Addams Family at the Mercury Theater.

"Neil Tobin is one of magic's deep thinkers—and encourages you to do the same. His lecture on "What Becomes a Magic Legend Most" encourages you to find your own voice to express in your performance. Every magician should ask themselves, 'what makes me memorable?'; and Neil can help you find the answer."
 - John Sturk, President, Chicago Assembly No. 3, Society of American Magicians

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August 22: Neil Tobin Lecture. 7 p.m.
September 12: (not our normal night): In cooperation with Sam #3 in Oak Park - Garrett Thomas Lecture - It will be held at: Pilgrim church,  460 Lake Street near the corner of Lake and Ridgeland, in Oak Park, Illinois. The doors open at 7:00 and the lecture starts at 7:30. The lecture is free to our members.

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