Congrats to our 2016 Contest Winners: 1st Place Bruce Young; 2nd Place Mark Doetsch and John Jurney; 3rd Place Keith Cobb

May 23, 2016. 7 pm Tom Dobrowolski Lecture

"All Done by Coindness" the all new Semi-Automatic coin/money magic lecture 

The new lecture has great material from Jeremiah Zuo, William Wheeler,Oliver Corpuz, Ryan Bliss, Joe Cole, Jeff Prace, Eric Rose, Tomas Blomberg,Curtis Kam and me! 

Tricks with coins, paper money, coin gimmicks, Tenyo props, candy wrappers and more. 

Like the previous 3 lectures and my recent Penguin Live Lecture the new material in this lecture is magic you’re going like and want to use!

I’m working again with Jeremiah Zuo on the new notes (he has been an integral part in putting together “OiATER” and the most recent 3 sets of notes ) and he just sent me this message: “I know after those first notes we were always like "these next ones aren't going to be great" then every time we ended up thinking they were the best ones yet. 
But I already really think these notes are going to be the best ones yet.”

If you like good, clean, effective and easy-to-perform magic, then pay attention to what Tom likes to perform.

Join tonight for the 2016-17 membership year (begins in June), and get this lecture free. 

14 FULL routines 64 pages 100's of Illustrations and here's the Table of Contents: 


Foreword - Jeremiah Zuo 

Introduction - Tom Dobrowolski . 

Inverted Matrix the Easy Way - Curtis Kam 

Matrix 21 - Curtis Kam 

Whole-Hearted Hopping - Tom Dobrowolski 

Chocolate Coins - Jeff Prace 

George is on my Mind - Eric Rose 

Soft Coins Redux - Tomas Blomberg 

Impromptu Hornswoggled - William Wheelerr 

Make Believe and Mutual Exchange - John Carey 

he Big Penny - Oliver Corpuz 

Breakout - Ryan Bliss 

Wave Vanish - Ryan Bliss 

3x3 Transposition - Jeremiah Zuo 

Ultimate Progressive Coin Assembly - Jeremiah Zuo 

Conclusion - Tom Dobrowolski

Members free. Guests $10

Coming Up
May 23: Tom Dobrowolski
June: Jay Sankey! Chicago area exclusive.
July : Trent James lecture

Past lecturers have included the following:  Aaron Fisher, Aldo and Rachel Colombini, Arthur Trace, Bill Abbott, Bob Sheets, Bruce Bernstein, Chris Capehart, Curtis Kam, Dan Fleshman, Dan Harlan, Dave Marcus, Darwin Ortiz, Daryl (twice), David Calzada, David Campos, David Merry, David Parr, David Regal, David Roth, David Solomon, David Stone, David Williamson, Don England, Doug Malloy, Eric Jones, Eugene Burger, Geoff Williams, Glenn Morphew (twice), Jeff Prace, Jeremiah Zuo, Jim Krzak, Jim Sisti, John Lovick, Kainoa Harbottle, Keith Cobb, Keith Fields, Kozmo, Martin Mercy, Max Krause, Michael Ammar, Mike Hall, Mike Powers. Nathan Kranzo, Oz Pearlman, Paul Gertner, Paul Green, Peter Eggink, Richard Sanders, Sean Bogunia, Steve Bryant, Steve Daly, Steve Draun, Tom Dobrowolski (4x), Tomas Medina (twice), Tony Noice, and Whit Haydn.

In addition, we have an annual magic contest which is recorded and broadcast on Comcast Cable's "It's Magic" television show.

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