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Kainoa Harbottle March 24, 2014


Kainoa’s lecture will feature close-up card and coin routines designed with visual impact, cleanliness of method, and modular climaxes. The material and techniques were developed in the strolling and table-hopping environments of Waikiki. He will also be discussing how to transform your close-up pieces into stand-up material using before and after examples from his repertoire, including a coins across that plays for over 300 people.

While there is material for the novice performer, Kainoa will also be presenting routines that will challenge the hardcore among you. His thinking is revolutionary, and he enjoys surprising other magicians by making the most difficult material look easy. Couple that with his engaging personality and offbeat sense of humor and you have what is sure to be an unforgettable experience of great magic. Don't miss this chance to see a true "one of a kind" performer.


Magicians recognize Dr. Kainoa Harbottle from the first two DVDs of the Palms of Steel series, where he appeared alongside some of the most innovative workers in modern coin magic, Curtis Kam and Reed McClintock.  He has since been featured at the New York Coin Magic Seminars—at Marc DeSouza’s house in Pennsylvania and the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas—at the request of David Roth, Michael Rubinstein, Geoff Latta, and Mike Gallo.  He was also spotlighted in a number of their DVD volumes.

His own books, Coins on Edge and Cointopia, contain some of the most revolutionary material the world of coin magic has seen in years. In Coinapalooza I:  Shell Shocked and Coinapalooza II: International Deceptions, he continues this trend, featuring coin magic for all skill levels. His most recent set of notes called On Standing Up give practical examples of how to turn skills and plots you already use for close-up into pieces that can be performed for large audiences. Kainoa has taught college level courses on English, Theatre, Performance History, and Magic--sometimes all in the same class--and has researched extensively on Victorian magic at the Harry Price Library of Magical Literature at the University of London and at The Magic Circle.