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Diego Minevitz Lecture July 27, 2017

Okay gang…you want a lecture that is different? Something that’s not all card tricks, not mentalism, not stage, not close-up, but something that combines all of these and more? When is the last time we had someone talk about escapes and “danger” magic? Probably never…until now!


After 20 years of experience, Diego Minevitz developed a lecture about the secrets of Harry Houdini's Escapes, Russian Roulettes and Fakirism, called ‘EXTREME MAGIC FOR EVERYBODY’. Diego is an Argentine “Extreme” Magician having performed in more than 25 countries. He assists and teaches safety magic techniques to different magicians all over the world. In 2016, Diego was invited to two of the world's largest events, ‘The Masters of Magic Convention’ in Italy and ‘The International Happy Valley Magic Festival’ in Shanghai, China. . In June 2017, Diego will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the highest escape from a straightjacket 3,000 meters above the sky in the U.K.


The Lecture

In this lecture we will study the psychology in magic, staging and mentalism. It is designed to work for any magician and/or style (close-up to stage). This Lecture has been presented in 25 countries, 60 cities and 80 magic associations and more than a thousand magicians. The theme of his lecture is very different from any other lecture, but not less interesting.


Ø  The secret of walking on pieces of broken glass. Which is the real secret? Which safety measures can we take? (stage magic)

      Watch the trailer:

Ø  Show different methods to perform Russian Roulette with real nails, staplers, the objective is safety. Why do we have accidents? How can we avoid them? Which safety measures can we take? When should we take them? (stage magic)    Watch the trailer:

Ø  We will see escaping and real elements releasing methods: real handcuffs (not even the police know this technique) tie wraps, Houdini handcuffs, Siberian chains and straitjackets (stage magic)

     Watch the trailer:

Ø Impossible Escape (close up Magic) - Starts with an ordinary deck of playing card. The magician asks the spectator chooses a card at free will then sign it. The signed card is returned to the deck and placed inside the card box, then trussed up by the mini-straight jacket. The spectator is convinced that the deck is "sleight of hand proofed". 

The whole lot is hung upside down and shaken a couple times. Slowly the signed card emerges from the mini straight jacket and makes its escape!

     - Practical routine and handling.

     - Easy to perform.

     - More advanced magicians can perform the "signed card and impossible location" effect.

     Watch the trailer:

“Diego Minevitz’s was excellent. It was a refreshingly different and entertaining evening. Full of audience participation and before long I was standing on broken bottle glass myself! I received numerous emails from other club presidents after their lectures too saying how fun, safe, educational and charming Diego was. Highly recommended”Steve Gore, U.K.


“I book around 15 lectures a year for our society and the lecture from Diego Minevitz, was one of the best. It was fun, informative, entertaining and Diego's passion for his art, shone through in everything that he shared with us. The highlight of the evening for me, was when Diego shared the secret of walking on broken glass and I got to fulfil a live long ambition and try it for myself!! It was an amazing experience. Everyone who attended the lecture gave positive feedback and agreed that it was a very different and very enjoyable lecture, and they all left with something new to add to their repertoire.” - Sue Oakley, Secretary of The Wolverhampton Circle of Magicians, UK.


“Diego's lecture is one of the most interesting lecture I have ever heard.” - Bond Lee, Hong Kong Magic School.