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Dan Harlan Lecture June 27, 2011

Dan Harlan lecture June 27, 2011, 7 p.m.
Free for members. $25 for non-members. Or join for $75 and the lecture is included!

Dan Harlan presents “Magic C.P.R.” teaching you how to bring your magic back to life by applying simple, yet powerful techniques. With Harlan’s guidance, you will learn how to unlock your CREATIVITY making your magic stand out from the crowd, realize how professional PREPARATION allows you
to relax and have fun while performing, and discover that giving your routines RELEVANCE forms a strong emotional connection with your audience. These vital principles of performance will be illustrated and explained through Harlan’s latest original creations, including:

THE AWAKENING: The Fastest, Funniest, and Most Visual Professor’s Nightmare ever! An Unbelievable Advancement.

FAIREST OF THEM ALL: The spectator Merely THINKS of a card, yet you find it Without Ever Asking a Question!

CUPSIDE DOWN: An ordinary cup, Filled with Liquid, placed into a brown paper bag and INVERTED Without Spilling a Drop!

FOLDEROL: Tap three times with a Sharpie if you want me… to make the selected card INSTANTLY Appear FOLDED Under the Sharpie’s Clip.

HOLDING THE BAG: “Psychometry” using Brown Paper Bags which builds to an Impossible Revelation of the final object’s IDENTITY!

COUNTING ON YOU: The Fun Adds Up as a spectator attempts to Count Cards which VANISH, then the Faces CHANGE to Match the Spectator’s Count.

PRISM PEN: Point this Magical Marker at Anything and it CHANGES to Match That Color!

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE: The Perfect Four-Card-Twisting-Color-Changing-Backs-and-Appearing-Marks-with-Hidden-Message

VEGAS BABY: Roll the Dice and take a shot at Winning Big  MONEY in this Fun, Colorful Mentalism routine.

WIN/WIN: Everybody Wins when two Thought-of Cards are discovered through a Quirky Game where the Points are always EXACTLY Right.

THE POPCORN TRICK: When you want a Quick Snack, be prepared with this Magical Method of Making INSTANT “Popped” Corn!

PUSH: A Thought is “PUSHED” into someone’s head with Freaky Results.

...and many more surprises!

Here’s what people have to say about Harlan:

“Your material was all new, and of such an amazingly wide variety. In a word - wow! You were in top form and a real hit at our club.” --Gene

“I’ve been in magic my entire life… I’ve also been International President of the I.B.M., so I’ve seen a lot… and this is the best I’ve ever seen.” --June Horowitz

“It was good to see that old Harlan ingenuity that we all love. You were a delight to have. We will definitely have you back again.” --ABC

 “Dan Harlan’s performance was a riot. His timing and delivery was razor-sharp. His interaction with the audience reveals the thoughtfulness and depth of a concert pianist… A true artist. If one wanted to, one could build an entire act based solely on the information he presented to us. Remarkable stuff.”
--Christopher Griggs

“Your lecture was exceptional. I have heard nothing but rave reviews from our members, many saying it was one of the best they have seen. Your material was solid, well thought out, and very commercial. It is good to see you back in top form.”
 --Tony Weiland, Lecture coordinator Ring 12 Buffalo NY

“Your teaching skills, your inventiveness, and your attention to detail, coupled with your friendly spirit, all added to the success of your lecture. For those who are looking for quality magic teaching, you are highly recommended.”
 --Jep Hostetler, Executive Director of Columbus, OH Magi-Fest

 “Truly a creative genius, Dan Harlan’s personal instruction provides a rare opportunity to acquire the essential tools that will last a lifetime.” --Jeff McBride