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Build A Trick Jan 23, 2012

Join us at this popular meeting where we will once again build TWO tricks! 

Randy Bernstein will provide the materials and personal instruction to create your own "long card" based on the Magic Flash Banner Effect principle. You can see it in action here at about 2:20. Randy has sold hundreds of these through his own efforts as well as through F.U.N. Inc. 

We will also be building a prop that will allow you to perform the effects in this video. Click here.

This meeting is open to members only. If you would like to attend and become a member, our dues are pro-rated. Our membership year begins in June. Please reply to this email for more information. 

There will be a $1 materials fee. Please RSVP so we know how much to bring!

Since the glue bottles need to be empty and dry, get a head start. 

Please bring a glue bottle like this one:

Make sure it's empty and dry. Not a jumbo and no the small bottle, but the traditional size. It can take several days to dry, so getstarted right away.